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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

What is the WPC?

The WPC or" The Winnipeg Photo Community" is a free Winnipeg based group for photography enthusiasts from beginners to professionals who want to learn and share their passion for photography.

The Winnipeg Photo Club/Community was created in September 2004 when founder and president Dan H. continued to meet and talk with people while out shooting. In talking with all of these different people he noticed the potential for a Winnipeg based photo community where photographers could discuss their experiences, learn from each other and most of all hang out, have fun and shoot together.

The WPC's mandate:

"To bring together local photography enthusiasts in a comfortable environment."

What the community does:

-Forum: The most active, daily part of the community is it's forum. The largest and most active of it's kind in Manitoba, this site boasts hundreds of new messages a day and has forums for everything from critiques, gear as well as places to post and show your own photos.

-Monthly meetings: These completely informal meetings are gatherings to talk with other members about the hobby. Everyone is encouraged to bring their photos of any kind including loose prints, portfolios, photo books and even lap top slide show presentations.
Occasionally there is a short program, a photo walk or other presentation.

-Workshops and seminars: Another large part of the community are it's workshops and seminars. Everything from high end lighting workshops all the way to seminars about photo manipulation, Photoshop, Lightroom and other seminars.

-Group photo shoots: The WPC organizes several group based photo-shoots on a monthly and annual basis.
It also encourages individuals to plan their own non-commercial events for when they're going out to a fun place to shoot such as Fort Whyte Alive or even just the Forks!

-Buy and Sell: The WPC has the most active public photography related buy and sell which allows any individual to sell or buy photographic related gear free of charge!

Tutorials: contains tips tricks and of course tutorials for all sorts of techniques. These will give you great new ideas for shoots and help you make better more interesting shots.

Who is it for?

If you have a passion for taking photos, this site is for you!
No one in the WPC cares about your gear, they are only interested in how passionate and how much fun you have with photography.
If you want a place to discuss photography, show off a gallery of your own work and/or hang out and shoot with fellow enthusiasts and professionals this is your venue!

Who is in the WPC?
According to polls we run a couple semi-annually, most of our members (about 70%) are hobbyists most of whom have just bought their first point and shoot or DSLR camera. A smalerl percent of our members are ether full time (about 6%) or part time (about 24%) photographers. Again, having these diverse groups to learn from is another great resource!

Our members range in all of their ethnic groups to their gender and age. There are people from 18* all the way to 80+ who are very active members.
*Due to the nature of some types of photography, we do not allow people under the age of 18 to join.

What can it do for me?

The #1 thing being a part of the WPC can do for you is help you learn and improve in a comfortable environment..

Experience: With all the events, workshops, different photographers and other information on the forum, the WPC has helped several hobbyist photographers become much more experienced as well as others it has helped to make the transition all the way to full time professionals.

Jobs & employment opportunities: There are several listings on a monthly basis for requests for photographers. These can include everything from standard commercial photo contracts as well as other paid photo opportunities.

But the main thing the WPC does is provide a comfortable environment to learn and share passion for photography!

How do I join?

The WPC is completely free to join and since there is no membership sign-up, the best way to become a member is to join up to the WPC Forums and start participating!

Who do I call/contact with more questions?

As the WPC is a volunteer community there is no phone contact point. The main point of contact is on the forum where you can ask questions in the forum or contact a moderator directly for questions about the community.

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